• citrus fruit
    Ferroxx AQ and
    Sluggo Maxx.
    The most powerful MRL-exempt slug
    and snail baits—period.
  • emerging sprouts in no-till field
    Scout no-till fields
    for slugs this spring.
    Get control of snails and slugs with
    Ferroxx before they attack corn and
    soybean plants.
  • Close up of weed in turf
    Fiesta Lawn Weed Killer.
    Harnesses the power of iron to deliver
    visible, same-day results, even in
    cool weather.
  • Pasture benefits from Antixx application
    Antixx Fire Ant Bait
    Delivers Rangeland
    Fire Ant Control.
    Attract and kill foraging and red
    imported fire ants (Solenopsis Invicta)
    and harvester ants.
  • Finalsan for hardscapes
    Finalsan Grass Weed
    Moss Algae Killer
    For Hard Surfaces.
    Fast-acting herbicidal soap
    for roofs, decks, patios,
    walks, bricks and cement.
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Products for USA

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